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PB-700A Polishing Barrel is having automatic cycle for polishing and dust removal. The machine is having a loading capacity of 700Kgs. It is equipped with three-stage dust collection system. After the polishing cycle is over, dust collector sucks the dust from the barrel. While collecting the dust, it also separates the Nail chips, Heavy dust particles and Fine dust particles leaving only clean and polished nails in the barrel. All these separated particles go in their respective bins for easy disposal thus making your plant even more environment friendly.

The Fine dust particle collection is having filter of 15 micron to ensure that no dust particle bigger than 15 micron is discharged in the atmosphere. This is very important for environmental safety. The discharge of nail is located at 780mm above the floor level to conveniently unload the nails in large bins.

The PB-700A has only three Push Buttons making operation, user friendly. The operation is as easy as pressing a single button “START” and rest of the chorus are done automatically in cycle. The Machine stops after the cycle is completed thus by leaving the operator free to handle other important work. Even with this simplicity the PB-700A’s flexibility is not compromised, operator can set the polishing time and dust collecting time according to individual plant’s need and the quality of polish required. 



 Loading Capacity (kgs.)  700
 Main Motor (kW / hp)  5.5 / 7.5
 Dust Collection Motor (kW / hp)  1.5 / 2
 Polishing Barrel (mm)  2150mm x 1210mm
 Dust Collection System (mm)  1550mm x 900mm
 Nett. Weight (kgs.)  2100


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