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Wire Nails are produced by wire Nail Making Machines. The Nails are to be polished as well finished products. The quality of the Nails produced depends upon the wire used on the Machine. Generally, the wire received from the supplier is found dull due to Wire Drawing process and also some times gets rested due to weather effects.  The wire for process of cutting Nails is not so bright as a result, the Nails produced do not have brightness and shining. Such finishes are never acceptable to the buyers. Thus, the Nails do require polishing which results in an attractive finished products.

To overcome this difficulty, the machine known as Polishing  Barrel  has  been  devised. The polishing barrels are available in two size viz. 250 kgs. and 500 kgs. Capacities per   charge.


1)  Load the polishing barrel with wire nails 3 to 4 inches above  the half  size of  the barrel  and remaining portion with Saw Dust. If the Nails  are  found rusty, it is  advisable to  Mix a little quantity of paraffin oil (Half liter Kerosene)   prior to loading  of  Saw Dust. Rotate the barrel with blind lid on, for about 10  minutes. After this process, load the  barrel with Saw Dust and  rotate the  barrel for about  30  minutes  fixing  blind lid-take  out blind lid and fix up  perforated lid to take out Saw  Dust from the barrel by  rotating. Continue this process again for about 40 minutes loading the barrel with fresh saw dust. This will result into bright shining look of Wire   Nails.  The  Saw  Dust used  in second  sequence can be re-used for the first  cycle  of the  same process in next batch. This ensures economy of Saw Dust and solving the storage space.

2)  If the mirror finish is  required  on  the   Nails,  it  is  advisable  to  use  SOFT LEATHER  PIECES  in second    sequence    of  polishing instead of  Saw Dust, 15  to 20 kgs. of such LEATHER PIECES  are required  for out  250  kgs.  Capacity  Polishing  Barrel. These  LEATHER  PIECES can  be applied again and again  for about 15  to 20 cycles till they become very oily. 

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