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Washer Head Roofing Nail Machine

These machines are designed, developed and manufactured as a result of 45 years' constant research, developments and manu Washer Head Roofing Nail Making Machine facturing experience gained through Wire Nails and Wire Tacks making machines. They have earned the name not only in National but in International markets also. These machines are making the nails with washers riveted on the heads, which are extensively used for Roof fittings. An automatic electronic Vibrator is fitted on the machines for loading of washers into magazine for continuous run. Machine is capable of producing Roofing Nails from round, square or pre-twisted wire.


Salient Features:

  • - Counter - Balanced Main Crank Shaft.
  • - Easy to set and operate.
  • - Enclosed Construction.
  • - Bevel - Gears run in oil chambers.
  • - Centralised pressure lubrication systems.
  • - All moving parts are of sample dimension and precisely manufactured from best quality material under strict quality control.
  • - Bush-Bearing made from special alloy.
  • - All the machine parts are made on jigs and fixtures, in most modern plants which are equipped with precision machines hence genuine spares are always available.
  • - Wire feed directly by driving shaft. Round type Gripping Dies which gives 4 times the service of common flat dies normally used in similar machines by other manufacturers.
  • - Gripping Dies, Cutting Tools and Header dies available ex-stock in standard gauges.
  • - Firm riveting of washer on nail head.
  • - Easily and quickly convertible to common wire Nails production.





Wire Diameter S.W.G. (mm) 15 - 9 (1.8 - 3.6)
Maximum Length mm ( inch ) 75 ( 3 )
Effective Length mm ( inch ) 25 - 75 ( 1 - 3 )
Maximum Nail / Minute 80
Power required hp/kW 5/3.7
Approx. Floor Area required ( cms.) 100 x 168
Approx. Nett Weight ( kgs. ) 1160
Approx. Gross Weight ( kgs. ) 1340
Cash Size ( cms. ) 115 x126 x 150


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