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UR-3.5 (4" Nail Making Machine)

A set of 5x5 bearings in horizontal and vertical planes for better straightening of input wire. Computer designed and precision manufactured Cam along with balanced critical parts resulting in low vibration and reduced noise level. Automatic centralized periodic lubrication system with pressure and oil level sensing, ensuring long trouble-free operation. The bevel gears are totally enclosed in oil chamber and require no attention, except periodical checks. Heavy and robust cast iron base and body to dampen the vibration. Hardened and ground high precision shafts, slides and die-box for longer life. Suitable for using the Tungsten Carbide tools as well. No contact between Header-Punch and Ejector, resulting in long ejector life and reduced noise. Round index able gripping dies with 8 grooves, enabling eight times longer service without any reprocessing.






Wire Diameter S.W.G. (mm) 12 - 8 (2.5 - 4.2)
Nail Length mm (inch) 35 - 100 (1.5" - 4")
Max. Nails/min. 350
Power Required hp/kW 7.5 / 5.5
Appox. Nett Weight kgs. 1875
Appox. Gross Weight kgs. 2231
Case Size ( cms. ) 173 x 128 x 125









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