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N9-E (9" Nail Making Machine)


Wide experience has enabled us to offer newly designed 'NE' series machines. These machines are equipped with compact geared type feeding system. Thousands of our 'N series machines are satisfactorily working in our country as well as abroad. Like our earlier 'N' series machines, these machines are capable of producing different types of nail heads and points.

The wire form wire coil passes through straightening rolls and fed intermittently into the gripping dies which close firmly head of the nail. The grip is loosened now and the required length of wire is fed forward. Then the cutting tools cut the point a little forward of the grip leaving sufficient wire projecting to form the head of the next nail. This sequence of operations is repeated at each revolutions of the machines and the nails are produced constantly.

The frame of the machine is extremely rigid, all moving parts are of ample dimensions and precisely made from quality material under strict quality control, which ensures the smooth running of machine in spite of high rate of output.


Keeping in view to-day's technology, our machines are equipped with well proven 3 shaft system. The main shaft controls Heading, while two side shafts  control Grapping, Cutting operations and nail length operation, through gears, which ensures the accident-free motions.

The wire feed is actuated by means of gears mounted on one side shaft which moves the feed slide through connecting-rod. The setting of the desired length obtained quickly and easily.

The bush bearings are made from special metals and are of ample dimensions. While manufacturing, care has been taken and provided with continuous approach of oil which ensures the smooth running and long life.

Heavy load transmitting bearings are of needle roller type which ensures the smooth running and long lasting.

The setting of the machine is made very easy and less time consuming; even unskilled operators are able to handle the machines without difficulty after a short time observation. Their special feature is round type Grapping dies which gives 8/10 times the service of common flat dies normally used in similar machines.

The main crank is counter-balanced and runs in 4 bearings in oil bath chamber.  Even smooth running and equal distribution of loads ensure long life.

The bevel gears and the crank shafts are totally enclosed in oil chamber and require no attention, except periodical checks. All other lubrication points are served by a centralized pressure lubrication system.

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